Recovering "Lost" Linen Saves You Money

Bed linens can leave your premises in a number of different ways; and once out the door, regardless if they leave in the trash or with a transfer patient, it means money lost to your institution.  With proper ongoing education and follow-up, staff can be trained to recognize and minimize these losses.  However, despite increased emphasis on linen management in our era of cost-conscious health care, linen losses still exceed $800 million annually in the US according to the laundry trade group, TRSA (Textile Rental Services Association of America).

In 2015, Paris Healthcare Linen Services began a unique linen exchange program with a few select textile services competitors.  Linens that end up at a competitor’s facility – typically resulting from ambulance service activities and patient transfers – are identified and exchanged among the cooperating group.  Linens that previously were lost and replaced are now exchanged and returned to service.

In the two years the program has been in effect at Paris, Paris has recovered almost 350,000 lbs. of linen owned by our customers.  This effort saved Paris customers significant investment dollars in replacement linens and reduced their overall expenditure for linen management services.  This Paris program represents the best of innovative thinking, sustainable practices, and support of healthcare delivery goals within the textile services industry.