What Our Customer's Are Saying About Us....

“Paris Uniform Services is very easy to work with and provides us with excellent service. They are dependable and their service is prompt and friendly. We never have to worry about the cleanliness of the garments we are getting back, which is extremely important in our industry, because it keeps our products safe.”

Phyllis H.

“Cleveland Brothers has been a Paris Uniform customer for many years. We needed a uniform company that could supply uniforms and other supplies to all of our locations throughout Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Paris stepped up to the plate and has done an outstanding job. Paris has many customers, but they make sure their service is very personal. The response time for uniform orders or any other requests is handled in a timely and efficient manner.  I am very satisfied with Paris and would highly recommend them.”

Glenda Bureau
Fleet Administrator
Cleveland Brothers


“Making sure my clients receive quality, safe products is imperative. Our long-standing partnership is based on trust and accountability, and Paris, trained in food manufacturing, ensures we receive uniforms and supplies that are clean and safe to use in a food environment.”

Tony Lucci
Sr. Vice President, Manufacturing
Murry’s Family of Fine Foods