Paris Uniform Services Adds Five More LPG Trucks To Its Delivery Fleet

In mid-2017, Paris was awarded a grant from the commonwealth’s Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant (AFIG) program to help finance the conversion of five more delivery trucks from gasoline to LPG. The conversions were completed in February, and now, nearly half of the company’s fleet is burning cleaner LPG.

The latest conversions cut the company’s use of gasoline by more than 20,000 gallons annually. Burning LPG results in the production of significantly less air pollutants, such as carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses. Additionally, converting the state’s abundant natural gas into LPG and using it within the state leverages the economic benefit of our state’s natural resources.

Commenting on the LPG additions to the fleet, Rich Hopson, Vice President of Paris Uniform Services, said: “This is the second AFIG grant we’ve competed for and won. The state’s participation definitely helps us further our goal of being a leader in environmental stewardship, energy conservation and sustainable business practices. This is good community citizenship, and we take this responsibility very seriously.”