Ravenna Healthcare Celebrates 15 Years

In June 2003, Paris Healthcare broke ground on an unfinished industrial park in Ravenna and constructed a 50,000 square foot linen services facility that opened its doors and began production in February 2004. It was a very exciting time for both government officials and the citizens of Ravenna with the mayor at the time, Paul Jones, calling it an “industrial anchor of what will come to be.” Mr. Stern promised that “whatever community we come into, we will support that community if the community supports us” and he kept that promise. As Paris Healthcare grew, employment grew and in late 2016, the Ravenna facility saw an additional 17,000 square feet added on to the facility — which added a new tunnel washer, additional steam capacity, a variety of finishing equipment, transportation logistics upgrades, and most importantly, more jobs!

As Ravenna celebrated this momentous anniversary with a recent luncheon, Drew Canavan, General Manager, thanked his 250+ employees for their hard work and dedication and congratulated them on being such an integral part of Ravenna Healthcare’s success and to Paris Companies, as a whole.

1st Shift
2nd Shift

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