Garment Lockers

  • Standard 8 Compartment and Big 8 Compartment Ergonomic bar for an easier reach and space saving design
  • Individual locker provides each user with a locked compartment for personal belongings including uniforms, equipment, supplies or tools.
  • Simultaneous access to all lockers by management is available through the master door.
  • All hardware is zinc plated and assembly rivets are rust-proof aluminum.
  • Can be personalized with your company’s

Available Sizes

  • Standard 8 Compartment Dimensions: 24”W x 21”D x 81”H
  • Big 8 Compartment Dimensions: 31”W x 21”D x 81”H

Soil Lockers

  • Choose from small and large sizes
  • Holds between 35 and 140 plus pounds of soiled products.
  • Provides security of soiled merchandise.
  • Prevents theft and misuse of secured
  • Reduces fire and sanitation hazards.
  • Can be personalized
    with your company’s logo

Available Sizes

  • Standard Soil Locker Dimensions: 16”W x 21”D x 81”H
  • Maxi Soil Locker Dimensions: 24”W x 21”D x 81”H

Rail Lockers

  • Great for sorting uniforms with minimal space

Available Sizes

  • Label Area: 2”H x 3.25”W