Every Paris Smart Garment™ is designed with a built-in Ultra High Frequency microchip. Every garment that is picked up from our customers is scanned and logged into our Smart Garment System as soon as it enters our facility.

By scanning every garment, Paris is able to track and monitor the progress of each item as it flows through the laundering process. As each garment is prepared for delivery a complete bundle scan is performed. This ensures that every garment has been cleaned, assembled, and is ready to be returned – error free.

Seamless integration of technology provides the best and most cost effective program available.

Manage your program online. Review new order status, see invoices and statements, and get detailed access to pick up and delivery reports for each employee.

Accuracy – Every bundle of uniforms is verified before being delivered, eliminating shortages of returned garments.

Real Smart Garment Technology can only be found in Paris garments. We put technology to work for you!

Time is valuable. Let Paris show you how quick and easy a uniform program should be.

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How To Read The Paris Garment Bar Code

  1. Route Number- Identifies your Route Service Representatives (RSR) assigned delivery route.
  2. Delivery Day – 1 is Monday, 2 is Tuesday, 3 is Wednesday, 4 is Thursday & 5 is Friday.
  3. Customer Number- Your account number.
  4. Wearer Number – Individual I.D. number assigned to each uniform wearer.
  5. Date Issued- The month and year the garment was issued to the wearer.
  6. Unique Garment ID- Identifies each unique individual garment.
  7. Customer Name – Name of the account.
  8. Garment Code – The Paris product code that is assigned to this type of garment